The Concept

What make them so different from others?


These two French hairdressers offer to their clients a special, personalized moment in the realm of complete relaxation. A one to one session in this unique HairStudio, where these talented stylists give time and attention to their clients and their hair.

Marc-Antoine and Jim certainly know how to cut, colour, blow-dry, but they have also this ability to listen very carefully. They take into account the psychological dimension of hairstyling. They will ask what you like and dislike about your current hairstyle, what you would like to keep and what you’d like to change. Then these two experts present their own analysis of your features, the nature and the colour of your hair.

After a relaxing head massage, Marc-Antoine and Jim will cut, colour, blow-dry and to finish they will share a few techniques to reproduce the style easily at home.

In the HairStudio, you will also notice a unique atmosphere due to an arty arrangement of the space, perfumes, paintings, jewelry, hair products ... Indeed, the goal is to recreate the Berlin vibe in selecting artists and designers from different countries and discipline, with whom they share the value of the work well done.


So, if you are simply curious about the concept, feel free to stop by and have a look !

If you need to make an appointment, you can send a message via WhatsApp +49 176 344 763 74 !

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