The Concept


What makes him so different from others?

The french hairdresser offers to his clients a special, personalized moment in the realm of complete relaxation. A one to one session in his own HairStudio, where the talented stylist gives time and attention to his client and their hair.

Marc-Antoine certainly knows how to cut, colour, blow-dry, but it is also his ability to listen that characterizes him. He takes into account the psychological dimension of hairstyling. He will ask what you like and dislike about your current hairstyle, what you would like to keep and what you’d like to change. Then the expert presents his own analysis of your features, the nature and the colour of your hair.

After a relaxing head massage, Marc-Antoine cuts, colours, blow-dry and to finish he shares a few techniques to reproduce the style at home.

In the HairStudio, you will also notice amazing bags, perfumes, paintings, jewelry... Indeed, Marc-Antoine has selected artists from different countries and discipline, people with whom he wanted to collaborate for the quality of their work.


So, if you're still looking for your hairdresser, if you aren’t satisfied with the one you have at the moment, or you are simply just curious about Marc-Antoine’s work, make an appointment today via what’app +49 176 344 763 74 !

And don’t forget to join Marc-Antoine’s community on Facebook and Instagram, you will get the updates on the upcoming events that will take place at the HairStudio Gallery!

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