The door opens and Marc-Antoine welcomes me into his hairtsudio, kindly offering something to drink - tea, coffee, water. Accepting a glass of water, I head to the studio and I’m in complete awe. Spacious, beautifully furnished, well decorated; I feel immediately at home in this cosy room with the sound of soft music in the background. I spot to the right the space where my hair will be pampered…and I have to say it’s in need of some attention! A change won’t do any harm at all!

And that's exactly what Marc-Antoine proposes in his private hair salon studio: a special, personalised moment in the realm of complete relaxation. The key is to let go while the nimble fingers of your hairdresser twirl with his instruments. Another distinct feature of Marc-Antoine’s concept is the attention and time the talented stylist is willing to give to his clients, and their hair. The young French 29 year old certainly knows how to cut, colour, blow-dry, but it is also his ability to listen that characterizes him. He takes into account the psychological dimension of hairstyling. Your hair appointment with Marc-Antoine is an intimate experience that will unite you and your image. The welfare of his clients is his priority: ‘What’s your cut hiding?’, ‘What’s your "capillary history"?’, and ‘How do you feel?’ are all among the questions he poses before taking action.

To that end, I take a seat in front of the dressing table and mirror dressed in my kimono. Marc-Antoine asks me what I like and dislike me about my current hairstyle, and what I'd like to keep and what I’d like to change. Once I give my evaluation, the expert presents his own analysis of my features, the nature and the colour of my hair ... without forgetting to give me a mini-course on colouring if, at a later date, I decide to change the colour. He then recommends a cut that he thinks would look good on me. Grosse hesitation! This is indeed the opposite of what I usually do. Let’s go for it! Given his past (colourist in a Parisian salon, hairdresser at Franck Provost, section head hair on tv trays ...), I reassure myself by saying that if I had to trust a man armed with scissors, it would be Marc-Antoine.

Marc-Antoine begins to cut my hair dry. That's what he always does to get an idea of the result, he says. Soon after I am led to the bathroom for the hair wash: a moment of complete relaxation where the sound of the sea hums from a CD. Between two waves, Marc-Antoine shows me the products he applies (while massaging!), and explains how I can extend the long-term treatment back at home. And now it’s time for the real action! Snip after snip, we quietly discussed as hair falls. Then a small blow-dry to perfect everything. Again, Marc-Antoine doesn’t forget to teach me a few techniques to reproduce the style at home. I take a glance in the mirror in front and a look in the mirror behind. The result is only positive: I am delighted. Change is good!

If you're still looking for your hairdresser, or if you aren’t satisfied with the one you have at the moment, or you are simply just curious about Marc-Antoine’s work, the team of Living In Berlin recommends his private hair salon. Psssssst ... spread the word, it’s a good to share! (Source: .html)